• Andy Petranek

My iPhone is a Black Hole

Every time I pick it up, it sucks me into doing more than the one thing I picked it up for. EVERY TIME.

Is the design of the phone just that good that it renders me incapable of setting limits and controlling myself? Has it become the master of my attention? Has it taken advantage of every known behavioral trigger and thus stacked the odds against me? Has it become my everything... friend, lover, hobby, game, communicator, book, music player, entertainment center, connector? Can I live without it? Do I need to get rid of it to control myself?

I hope not, because there are so many useful things that I use it for... my life would definitely be less rich without it.

I won't let myself succumb to being a victim of circumstance, environment, a thing, or life. I don't accept that. I am the master of my fate. I decide. And if it's not working for me, I must keep trying new things, setting new boundaries until it does.

After all, as babies who can't yet walk, do ANY of us just give up when after the first 20 attempts at walking, we fail. Fuck no. We keep going, and going, and going until something happens, we learn, we try something new, and then do it again, until at last, we ultimately succeed.

So... the question isn't whether the phone controls me... rather... what is the next thing I can try doing to set some limits on my phone use so I can take advantage of its benefits without allowing it to monopolize my attention against my inner sense and better judgment?



Never stop laughing.