• Andy Petranek

Starting Early

What is it about the first thing in the morning?

Every day of the week my wrist alarm on my Timex Ironman watch goes off at 5:30am, though I'm usually already awake, and whether I feel like it or not (usually not), I get out of bed, put both feet on the ground, take a big breath of air... and start the day.

Why do I do it?

- the air and light of the early morning bring me a sense of peacefulness unlike any other part of the day.

- Sunrise has a way of connecting me to the magnificence of God and the universe.

- Getting up seemingly before the rest of the world makes me feel like I'm getting a jump on the world..

- Getting out of bed at a time when I would prefer not to gives me at least one chance every day to succeed at honoring a commitment to myself, for myself. - I love being in nature first thing in the morning, even if it's just in my neighborhood (even though I don't look like it in that picture!).


Never stop laughing.