In 2011, I created a health and well-being game for my gym, CrossFit LA. 

It changed everything.

So we nurtured it. And it grew.

We've had over 125,000 people worldwide participate since.

It's a 6-week online game that has you focus on 7 Daily Habits - nutrition, exercise, mobility, sleep, hydration, well-being practices, and reflection.


It's designed for anyone of any age, gender, experience, or fitness level.


We start a new, global, 6-week Challenge four times each year.


When each Challenge is over, we enter the "6-week Off Season." This 6-weeks on, 6-weeks off formula is designed to enhances your growth and recovery... and makes the changes you make sustainable for the long-haul.



I continue to participate in every Challenge.


Each time it requires me to draw upon my willingness to just show up in spite of not feeling ready.


Each time, the accountability helps me "lean in" and grow.


Each Challenge strengthens my commitment to exploring and learning.


Each one connects me to a broad, aligned, and action-oriented community that has me living up to a better version of me than I would be on my own.


Each time it provides enough support and structure to keep me on track while at the same time keeping it fun, joyful, (and just a little competitive.)


The lessons are compounding.




Join me on my team for the next one!

(no experience necessary)




Never stop laughing.