5 Burpees


With the remaining time each minute until the 45-second mark, choose from the following:

 - High Knee Sprinting

 - Push Ups

 - Sit Ups

 - Lunges


**Goal is to keep moving for the entire 45 seconds each minute.



10 Minute Plank Hold

Each time you take a break, perform a "bonus" of 20 squats, then immediately get back to the plank.

Push Up Ladder

1st minute - 2 push ups

2nd minute - 4 push ups

3rd minute - 6 push ups


12th minute - 24 push ups

5 Rounds


30s Sprint

90s Walk/jog

45s Run (in place, high knees)

15s rest

1:30 Sprawls

30s rest


45s Run

15s rest

1:30 Mountain Climbers

30s rest


45s Run

15s Rest

1:30 Squat to Arm Balance

30s Rest


45s Run

Once Through

4 x 30s on/15s off for each movement


Rocky Twists

1 min rest

Seal Wiggles

1 min rest

Peel Ups



2 Rounds

60s on / 15s off



Push Ups

Bent Knee-V-ups






8 Arch Rocks

12 Bent Knee Down & Ups

16 Duck Under Lateral Squats


* Go through this cycle this as many times as you can in 12 minutes





10 Push Ups

10 Bird Pickers

10 Squats


* intention - finish all movements each round under :40s so you have at least :20s rest.



Tabata Mash-Up

8 rounds of 20s on/10s off

alternate movements

Lunges (jumping, full, half)

Push-ups (clapping, full, knee)

2 Rounds

Each movement - 2 x 15s on/15s off

Plank tilts

Cobra butterfly


Plank hip twists

Plank knee-pull crosses

Plank push-up knee-pull complex

2 Rounds:


Squats - 60s

V-ups - 60s

Push-ups - 60s

Running in place with high knees - 60s

Rest - 60s

7 Rounds


Burpees - 20s
Shuttle Runs - 40s

(can sub run in place)

Rest - 60s

2 sets of 20s on / 10s off for each movement:

Jumping jacks

Plank knee-pulls with a twist

Burpees (yay!)

Arch rocks

Half burpees (half yay!)

Plié lunges





Athletic Warm Up

Leg swings (sagittal, frontal, and transverse)

Standing thoracic spine opening and closing

Crossover bend-to-reach

Dynamic toe stretch


Twisting squat

Side-to-side lunge

Side-to-side windmills

Runner’s lunge complex

Kneeling wrist stretches

Cat-cow and transverse cow

Thoracic spine rotation

The Brettzel 

Camel bridge

Lounge chair

Single-leg hip rotation

One-arm plank to down dog

Scorpion walks

Monkey square



Plank knee pulls

8 sets of 20s on / 10s off

Frog hops

8 sets of 20s on / 10s off


8 sets of 20s on / 10s off

8 rounds

Hollow rocks - 15s

Rest - 15s

Shimmies - 15s

Rest - 15s

Cockroaches - 15s

Rest - 15s

4 rounds


Squats - 30s

Run in place - 30s

Push-ups - 30s

Run in place - 30s

Pull-ups (under table)

Run in place - 30s

V-ups - 30s

Run in place - 30s

Abdominal Circuit Inspired by Cirque du Soleil


Two Complete Rounds:


Dead bug - 2 min (1 min ea side) 

Rest - 30s

Bird Dog - 2 min (8 x 15s alternating)

Rest - 30s

2x through:

 - Elbow plank forward reach - 20s

 - Walk in and walk out - 8s

 - Knee to opposite elbow - 20s

 - Walk in and walk out - 8s

Rest - 30s

5BX Plan


Bend and reach, 2 min

Hollow rocks, 1 min

Arch-ups, 1 min

Push-ups, 1 min

Run in place, 6 min

- count 1 rep every 2 steps

 - every 75 reps do 10 squat jumps

30s On / 30s Off (rest)



Vertical hip-ups

Jumping lunges

Flag push-ups

Plank knee-pulls






Vertical hip-ups


A. Alternate Sit Ups / Rest 

15s - 30s - 30s - 60s - 30s - 30s - 15s

B. Rest - 45s

C. Cobra Hold - 3 min



10 rounds

Burpees - 30s
Rest - 30s





5 push-ups
8 star jumps
12 plank twisting knee pulls (alternating, 6 per side)


4 rounds

Bear twist kicks - 30s

Windshield wipers - 30s

Down dog one-leg squats - 30s

Straight-leg pulse-ups - 30s

Rest - 30s


7 rounds


Plyo squat lunge lunge - 20s
Forearm plank  hip twists - 20s
Sprint in-place, high knees - 20s
Rest - 30s


10 rounds

Push-ups - 20s
Right-side plank hip lifts - 10s
Left-side plank hip lifts - 10s
Rest - 20s


Complete a Tabata "mash-up" of these two movements (8 rounds of 20s on / 10s off)


Sit Ups



Complete 3 rounds:


Cobra hold - 1 min

Plank hold - 2 min

rest - 1 min

8 rounds of the following:


20s extended plank hold
20s rest
20s standing thoracic extension
20s rest

For time:

100 burpees

100 squats

cutoff time: 12 minutes

Complete a Tabata "mash-up" of the first two movements, followed by a Tabata mash-up of the second two movements. (8 rounds of 20s on / 10s off)


Couplet 1:

Hollow Rocks & Table Ups


Couplet 2:

Lunges & Windmill Press

Complete as many reps of each movement as possible in 2 minutes with 30s of rest between each.



30s rest

30s rest
Superman arm sweeps

30s rest
Lateral squats

Complete 8 rounds of :20s work, :10s rest of both movements with a 1-minute rest between movements.


Leg lift hip extension

1 min rest

Arch ups


EMOM 10 Minutes:

  1. 4 Burpees

  2. 8 V-ups

  3. 12 Squats

AMRAP 12 minutes:

  1. 30 flutter kicks

  2. 20 good mornings

  3. 10 bird-dog push-ups

5 rounds:

  1. 30 second side plank hold (weak side)

  2. 30-second side plank hold (strong side)

  3. 30-second plank hold

  4. 30-second duck walk

  5. 30-second rest

4 rounds (30 seconds on and 30 second off):

  1. Push-ups

  2. Bicycles

  3. Squats

Never stop laughing.